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can you use vaseline as lube for bearings

Can You Use Vaseline as Lube for Bearings?

Is Vaseline suitable as a lubricant for bike bearings? While it may be a temporary solution in an emergency, it’s not the optimal choice. Dedicated bike-bearing lubricants are recommended over Vaseline for better results and performance.

Why You Should Not Use Vaseline As Lube For Bike Bearings

Using Vaseline as a lubricant for bike bearings is not recommended. Despite being readily available, Vaseline lacks the necessary lubricating properties and is unsuitable for the task. Its low flash point causes it to evaporate quickly when exposed to heat, leaving the bearings without proper protection.

When warm, its sticky nature attracts dust and other debris and clogs the bearings. Using a dedicated bike-bearing lubricant instead of Vaseline is best to avoid damaging your bike and incurring costly repairs.

3 Recommended Oils To Use Instead Of Vaseline

The three best oils to use as lube for bike bearings are Esters, Synthetic Oil, and Lithium Grease. These are all highly effective at reducing wear and corrosion and extending the life of your bike’s bearings.

Unlike Vaseline, these lubricants also have a high flash point, so they don’t evaporate when heated. This makes them ideal for use in high-temperature environments, such as inside your bike’s bearings.

1. Esters Lube – Esters, an oil commonly used in lubricants, boasts compatibility with metal surfaces and remarkable thermal stability. However, it should note that esters are costlier than other oils and may only be suitable for some needs.

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2. Synthetic Oil – Synthetic oils are a popular choice for bike bearings as they offer many benefits similar to esters. These oils are known for their durability in demanding conditions, such as off-road riding, and are often more budget-friendly than esters. In some cases, synthetic oils may also provide better protection for bike bearings.

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3. Lithium Grease – Lithium grease is a lubricant option for bike bearings with benefits and drawbacks. It is thicker and greasier than other oils and offers greater water and corrosion resistance and higher temperature tolerance. However, handling and application can be more difficult, and the protection level may differ from that of esters or synthetic oils.

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Bottom line

If you want to use Vaseline as lube for bike bearings, we recommend avoiding it. Instead, it would be best to look for synthetic oils, esters, or lithium grease. These three lubricants protect your bike’s bearings from water and dust better than Vaseline. They’re also more effective at reducing wear and corrosion, making them a much better choice for use as lube for bike bearings. If you want to protect your bike’s bearings, avoid using Vaseline as lube for bike bearings at all costs.

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